ICT Tip: Instructables and HowStuffWorks, how do to.. well everything!

Quick overview: Encyclopedia like websites that contain detailed articles or how-to-tutorials on a variety of different subjects.

What does the HowStuffWorks website do? HowStuffWorks (http://www.howstuffworks.com) delivers information on practically every topic imaginable. Unlike Wikipedia, the articles on the HowStuffWorks are written professionally and usually contain illustrations and diagrams.

What does the Instructables website do? The Instructables website (http://www.instructables.com) is a site that focuses more on step-by-step tutorials of how to do things. For example, are your students looking to learn how to make a “Pedal Powered Tennis Ball Launcher” or create a “LED light matrix” or even “How to cook pasta?” It’s all here with pictures and video!

How can it be used in the classroom? Either site could be used a research tool for your students. They’ll find topics ranging from Art, Food, Technology, Politics, History, and so on. Be sure to visit both sites as they are not affiliated to one another and contain very different materials. (Source: Vince Jansen (LEARN) Cool Tools Duel workshop)

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