ICT Tip: Babbel – Vocabulary exercises for FSL classes

29 Jul

Quick overview: Babbel is a website (http://www.babbel.com) which contains spoken vocabulary exercises for a variety of everyday topics.

What does it do? The Babbel site is designed for people learning a second language, such as French. The Babbel site is free to use but your MUST register and sign up for an account before using the site. This can be accomplished be clicking on the large “Register for Free!” button on the homepage. When you create your account, you can specify your mother tongue and what language you are learning. For example if English is your mother tongue and you want to learn French, the website interface would appear in English with French language exercises.

How can I use it in my classroom? There are many activities that contain images and spoken phrases for your students to try out. Great for FSL classes.