ICT Tip: Alternatives to YouTube, on-line streaming educational videos

Quick overview: Websites similar in style and function to YouTube but for educational videos.

What does it do? MyLearningTube (www.mylearningtube.com) and TeacherTube (www.teachertube.com) are two sites that are very similar to YouTube but were created in response to teachers who wanted video websites that only contained educational videos. While YouTube may contain some pedagogically relevant material, it is often blocked by school board filters. On the other hand, MyLearningTube and TeacherTube are often NOT blocked by schoolboard filters. MyLearningTube and TeacherTube are not affiliated to one another and are run by different individuals. This means that each site will contain different pedagogical video materials.

How can it be used in the classroom? MyLearningTube and TeacherTube are searchable. This means if you are looking for a particular topic to cover in your class, why not search for it on one of these websites? If you find something valuable, you can provide the web address link of a particular video for your students to view on their home computers or in class. Please click here if you wish to see instructions how to copy and share a video link with your students. Alternatively, if you have a computer projector in your classroom or lab, you can show a video through here instead of being limited to what is available on tape or DVD in your school’s library. Last but not least, I’ve often found that streaming video sites can be slow in some schools. Make sure you have adequate bandwidth (i.e – Internet speed) in your school before using either one of theses sites. A good suggestion would be to try playing a video from your classroom before using it in front of your whole class!