ICT Tip: Is YouTube blocked in your center? Here’s a solution!

Quick overview: Do you often encounter YouTube videos that you’d love to show your class but the YouTube site is blocked by your school board’s IT department? The Zamzar website (http://www.zamzar.com) can help! Zamzar will grab any YouTube video and convert it into a offline video file. An offline video file resides on your computer and therefore does not require YouTube or an Internet connection to play.

How can this be used in the classroom: The Zamzar site will allow you to show pedagogically relevant YouTube videos in your classroom. No more worries about blocked sites or insufficient bandwidth! Zamzar enables you to convert an online YouTube video into an offline video file that you can copy onto a USB drive to bring into your classroom. Want to know how to use the Zamzar website? I’ve included a detailed 6 minute video tutorial that will step you through the process.

Video Tutorial: To see an on-line video tutorial of how to use the Zamzar site, click the large play button below:

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  1. I teach in a public school in Boston and YouTube is blocked. YouTube may have a lot of stuff on it we wouldn’t want our kids watching, but it also has A LOT of educational videos. I have downloaded videos from YouTube to bring to school, videos that teach my kids in 3 minutes what it would take me a few days to teach on the boring white board. And this says nothing of how it helped me get through graduate school Java Programming and Calculus!!

    I have set up a poll on my WordPress blog. Do you think YouTube should be blocked in schools?

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