ICT Tip: The CCDMD site provides FSL resources you can use without an Internet connection

Quick overview: Professionally developed FSL materials that you can download, print, and use without an internet connection in a traditional classroom. Materials on the site have been created for the Quebec classroom with funding from the Ministry of Education, Leisure, and Sports (MELS).

How can it be used in the classroom? The CCDMD site (www.ccdmd.qc.ca/fr) features dozens of extensive FSL exercises that focus on pronunciation, verb conjugation, culture, songs, literature, etc. This site is particularly useful for FSL teachers who do not have reliable access to the Internet in their centre or classroom, but wish to explore FSL ICT resources. In other words, as the CCDMD exercises are intended to be downloaded and distributed printed on paper, they do not require an Internet connection to be used in your classroom. The CCDMD exercises can be utilized in addition to your regular FSL textbooks or even entirely by themselves. (Source: Lise Chartrand, Wakeham Adult Ed. Eastern Shores School Board)

Where do I click? The resources recommended by Lise Chartrand are found in the “allophone” section, see below screenshot:

More information: If you explore the site further, the CCDMD site also contains lots of great materials in “MATÉRIEL INTERACTIF” which will require an Internet connection to use in your classroom. The CCDMD is an acronym for Centre Collégial de Développement de Matériel Didactique. The printable exercises on the allophone section of the CCDMD site are provided in PDF format.

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