ICT Tip: A well organized and comprehensive FSL website for on-line interactive exercises

3 Dec

Quick overview: The REPSIT site (http://www.ucalgary.ca/repsit) is a well organized FSL website containing a significant amount of on-line interactive FSL activities that have been carefully indexed and sorted by activity type and difficulty level. The on-line activities are intended to be explored by your students on individual computers with an Internet connection.

What does it do? The REPSIT site is a University of Calgary project. In their own words they describe the REPSIT project as “on-line grammar exercises, music, virtual tours: everything to make your class awesomely high tech in record time!

How can it be used in the classroom? The on-line grammar exercises on the REPSIT site are divided into four main categories: “Grammaire”, “Vocabulaire”, “Compréhension, culture, phonétique”, and “Rhétorique”.

In each category you will find activities labeled either “QCM” (choix multiple) “V/F” (vrai ou faux) “EPR” (exercices précédés de la règle grammaticale) “COR” (correspondance/matching), “ET” (exercices à trous) “CE” (cartes-éclair/flash-cards), “MM” (mots mêlés) or “JM” (jeu de mémoire).

So for example, in the section “grammaire”, we’ll find :

Place des adjectifs qualificatifs: 10 QCM (facile)

This means the “place des adjectifs qualificatifs” activity has 10 questions that are multiple choice (QCM = choix multiple) and the difficulty level is easy.

Like any other on-line resource, I would suggest that you first explore the REPSIT grammar exercises in advance of your class (by yourself!) so that during your actual class you will be prepared to highlight the most relevant exercises with your students.

When you’re done exploring the on-line grammar exercises, be sure to explore the rest of the REPSIT site at (http://www.ucalgary.ca/repsit) which contains a plethora of other FSL links and resources! (Source: Lise Chartrand, Wakeham Adult Ed. Eastern Shores School Board)