ICT Tip: The Quizlet site helps students to memorize vocabulary for a wide variety of subjects

Quick overview: The Quizlet site contains self guided vocabulary exercises (called Quizlets) touching on all subjects from English, French, Math, History, Biology, Science, and so on.. The Quizlet website (http://www.quizlet.com) can be a good resource for multi-level classrooms or for students who are weak in one area and need extra curricular study aids.

What does it do? Each “Quizlet” always follows the same formula by starting with a thematic vocabulary warm up (familiarize) exercise. After the vocabulary warm up, the students are then free to test their knowledge with flash cards, multiple choice, and word games. To see an demonstration of how this works, please see my video tutorial below.

How can it be used in the classroom? The Quizlet can be used to help your students learn autonomously. If desired, students can even create and submit their own “quizlets” activities to the Quizlet site. However, if a “quizlet” is submitted to the site, it is first subject to review by the Quizlet website staff (before it goes on-line) to maintain a certain level of quality control. (Source: Wendy Dawson, Hopetown Adult Education Centre, Eastern Shores School Board)

Video Tutorial: To see an on-line video overview of how the Quizlet site works, click the large play button below:

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