SMARTBoard: Using the Magic Eraser to reveal correct answers in your SMART Notebook presentations

Quick overview: How to use the “Magic Eraser” technique on the SMARTBoard. Intermediate technique.

How can it be used in the classroom? The Magic Eraser technique allows you or your students to use the SMARTBoard eraser (i.e – the eraser in the pen tray) to reveal hidden text and images within your SMART Notebook lessons, sort of like a lottery scratch card. It’s a great little trick for revealing the correct answers when you’re finished with an activity! How do you use the “Magic Eraser” technique? Watch my video tutorial to find out..

Video Tutorial: To see an on-line video overview of how to use the Magic Eraser technique in your SMART Notebook presentations, click the large play button below:

0 thoughts on “SMARTBoard: Using the Magic Eraser to reveal correct answers in your SMART Notebook presentations

  1. What a great time to be a teacher and awe students whilst learning a new language! Great video and fun activity!

  2. Thank you for the video! It’s a great tutorial and is REALLY easy to follow. I knew it couldn’t be too tricky if someone just showed me what to click.

  3. Hello, Can you tell me how to do the fill in the blank lesson where when a student moves the word, it has a check or an x? I saw this somewhere but do not know how to do it!

    • Hi Terry, check the Lesson Activity Toolkit tools in the SMART Notebook software. The keyword match or category sort would do the trick you are looking for.

      1) Open your SMART Notebook software
      2) Click on the gallery
      3) Expand “Lesson Activity Toolkit”
      4) Expand “Activities”
      5) Click on “category sort” or “keyword match” in there.
      6) In the lower window you’ll see “interactive and multimedia”, click on it
      7) Drag one of the items that appear into your main SMART Notebook window
      8) Click on EDIT to modify the parameters
      9) Have fun!

      Let me know if that works for you.

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