ICT Tip: An on-line “quiz generator” tool that helps you easily create paper tests and quizzes

26 Jan

Quick overview: Using a template, this site helps you easily create beautiful looking quizzes that can contain short answers, multiple choice, word matching, or fill in the blank questions. Once saved, the quizzes can be reloaded and modified at a later date. An added bonus is that an answer sheet for the teacher is automatically generated with each quiz created. Quizzes can be printed to paper.

How can it be used in the classroom: The “EasyTestMaker” website (www.easytestmaker.com) is designed to help you easily create quizzes that are nicely formatted and easy to modify. No more wrestling with formatting in Microsoft Word or tediously creating quizzes with a pen and paper. Each quiz is saved on the EasyTestMaker website for later re-use. Teachers can accumulate a bank of quizzes and go back at a later date to change the answers or further modify the questions. An account is required to create quizzes, however it only takes a few moments to setup. Virtually all the features you’ll need to create quizzes are available with the free account.

What the final quizzes look like: Here are links to download a sample quiz and accompanying answer sheet that I created in the below video tutorial in PDF format. If you’d like to know how I exported the quiz to a PDF with only the free account, please contact me for more information.

Video Tutorial: I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup and account and use the EasyTestMaker website. Pease click the large play button below to watch the video: