ICT Tip: Furly allows you to line-up a list of websites before teaching your class

Quick overview: Furly is a website that allows you to store multiple website addresses you’d like to present in your upcoming class. Once class starts, you can simply jump to each website without having to type in complicated web addresses or sift through piles of bookmarks. No complicated installations or passwords required. Extremely easy to use!

How can this be used in the classroom: If you regularly present different websites to your students, the Furly website (http://fur.ly) can help things run more smoothly. Using the Furly website, you won’t have to scramble to type in long addresses (while your class waits!) or search through a huge list of bookmarks when presenting different websites to your class. An added bonus is that you can you can easily share the list of websites with your students after class (with a unique URL) so they can consult the list of websites at a later date. I’ll show you how it’s all done in the video tutorial below. Highly recommended! (Source: Tammy Worcester, ISTE 2010 Denver conference)

Video Tutorial: For more information on how to use the furly website, please click the large play button below to watch the two minutevideo tutorial:

0 thoughts on “ICT Tip: Furly allows you to line-up a list of websites before teaching your class

  1. Hi Avi,
    Great tip! Very useful. Can’t wait for more suggestions and ideas that you picked up in Denver. Is this an Avi tip or an Avi and Alain tip?
    Ciao, Tania

  2. It’s a tip I picked up at an awesome workshop at ISTE given by Tammy Worcester. She demonstrated a ton useful web 2.0 sites (rapid fire style) at her workshop. If you’re back at ISTE next year, I’d definitely recommend attending one of her workshops. The ENTIRE ballroom was packed with people! Alain’s posts will start up soon.

  3. Do you know if you can add or delete sites once you set up the list? I have been using urli.st to do pretty much the same thing, but I like the way fur.ly presents it better. The problem seems to be that once I set one up in fur.ly, I can’t edit it at all. It’s done. With urli.st, I can add and delete sites later on. Am i missing something?

    • Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been away on vacation over the summer. Yes, that’s our major problem with Fur.ly. You can’t edit the site lists once it’s done. I’ll check out url.ist, as our teachers love Fur.ly and it would nice to have an alternative. I also noticed that fur.ly was down quite a bit towards the end of the school year last year..

    • WOW! I love this site, it looks even more promising than ful.ly! Thanks for the tip. We’re making a blog post about this one for sure, thanks for sharing!

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