ICT Tip: The Canadian Virtual Museum/Musée virtuel du Canada website

Quick overview: A virtual museum of Canadian heritage and history. The site is available in both English and French.

How can it be used in the classroom? The Virtual Museum of Canada website (www.virtualmuseum.ca or www.museevirtuel.ca) contains a vast collection of stories and articles relating to Canadian History. Students may want to this site to help with research projects or to use within Learning Situations dealing with Canadian or Quebec cultural identity. Some interesting areas of the site to explore with your students would be the virtual exhibits and image gallery sections. In both sections, students can browse or search for topics by keywords.

Copyright concerns: For more information on copyrights related to using materials from this website in your classroom, please refer to the FAQ section. (Source: Nancy Sher, CDC Vimont Adult Centre, SWLSB)

Video Tutorial: For more information on how to use the site, click the play button below:

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