ICT Tip: The NFB’s vast film collection is now on-line for English Quebec K-12 and Adult Ed schools

Quick overview: The National Film Board of Canada has digitized hundreds of NFB English and French documentaries, animations, experimental films, and fiction and placed them on-line so they can be viewed in the on-line screening room.

How does it work? LEARN Quebec has negotiated public performance rights in the classroom for more than 1,700 NFB French and English films until June 2014. The LEARN agreement applies to English Quebec K-12 and Adult Education schools. To check your eligibility outside of Quebec, see the NFB’s Education Page for more details.

How can it be used in the classroom? The NFB (www.nfb.ca) is Canadian content at it’s best. Pick from hundreds of thought provoking documentaries or animations to start discussions with your students. Many of these classic and contemporary films can be used to discuss Canadian history or identity or can be used within Learning Situations. Many films also have a tab marked “education” which gives suggestions or lessons plans to help tie in the films to your classroom. Highly recommended!

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