ICT Tip: Urlist allows you to line-up a list of websites before teaching your class

Link: http://urli.st

Quick overview: Urlist is a website that allows you to store multiple website addresses you’d like to present in your upcoming class. Once class starts, you can simply jump to each website without having to type in complicated web addresses or sift through piles of bookmarks. This resource is similar to the furly website that we highlighted in a previous blog post, however urilst allows you to go back and edit previous lists or even make the lists collaborative for others to edit!

How can this be used in the classroom: If you regularly present different websites to your students, the urlist website can help things run more smoothly. Using the this website, you won’t have to scramble to type in long addresses (while your class waits!) or search through a huge list of bookmarks when presenting different websites to your class. An added bonus is that you can easily share the list of websites with your students after class (with a unique URL) so they can consult the list of websites at a later date. Alternatively, if a group of students share the “edit” link, they can create a collaborative list that they can all edit together. Even if you regularly use furly, this is a great backup site to have in your back pocket. Here’s an example of what a shared urlist. (Source: John Scammell, Zero Knowledge Proofs)

Video Tutorial: For a video (3 minutes) on how to use urlist, please click the play button below:

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