ICT Tip: Pen.io allows you to generate a simple webpage in a matter of seconds

Link: www.pen.io

Quick overview: Pen.io allows teachers or students generate a simple webpage in a matter of seconds. Absolutely no web design skills necessary. Great for students or teachers who need to quickly place a small amount of written information on-line. Free!

How can it be used in the classroom? Pen.io isn’t meant to create detailed websites, there are other tools for that. Teachers can use Pen.io to post up class announcements, homework, or simple instructions for assignments. Likewise, students could use Pen.io to post up short texts such as stories, poems, posters, or public journals that they would want to share with others. If desired, one can also embed images and YouTube videos into Pen.io webpages.

Something to keep in mind: Pen.io webpages are public. Students should be reminded to use discretion when posting content of a personal or sensitive nature.

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