ICT Tip: Lit2Go containts hundreds of free audiobooks with printed text to follow along

10 Feb

Quick overview: A website containing hundreds of English short stories and poems, each available as an audio recording and as printed text. Designed for education. All of the printed texts and audio recordings are freely available for download in PDF and MP3 formats. Printable support materials for use in the classroom are also available for download.

How can it be used in the classroom: The Lit2Go website (http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go) could be a great tool to use in an individualized classroom. Students could be assigned different poems or short stories and then be asked to individually listen to them on a computer or a digital music player (i.e. – iPod) with a pair of headphones. Each story or poem also contains a link to printable support materials which could then be used to help you evaluate each student’s learning. The Lit2Go website could also be beneficial for students with reading difficulties. These students could be provided with an audio recording and then be asked to read the accompanying printed text. This approach may help them decipher the text more easily as they could proceed at their own pace and rewind or pause the accompanying audio file as much as they need to. Lastly, you can search for short stories or poems on the Lit2Go site by title, author, keywords, or reading level. (Source: Susan Van Gelder, LEARN)

Photo credit: Photo by Sarah M. Stewart used
under a Creative Commons license