ICT Tip: Animoto allows your students to easily create professional looking video clips

30 Mar

Quick overview: A website that allows students to easily combine images, video clips, and sounds to create a 30 second video montage. The resulting video montage looks somewhat like a movie trailer, with slick transitions and flashy effects. Click here for some examples.

How does it work? The Animoto site allows your student to upload digital image, video, and music files. The student then places the files in the order she would like them to appear.  The Animoto site analyzes the student’s uploaded content and then automatically generates a professional looking 30 second video montage. These short videos are stored on-line and can be shared with other students by means of a unique web link. A free account is required to use the site.

How can this be used in the classroom? In writing articles for this blog, I will avoid writing about ICT suggestions that are “all flash” and offer little pedagogical substance.  When I initially came across the Animoto site, I came to conclusion that it produced really neat little videos, but offered little maneuvering room for student creativity. Last but not least, the free account was limited to creating only 30 second video clips!  However, while working with teachers, valid uses for this site kept coming up. Often teachers are looking for a way for their students to create short (i.e – poignant) video clips to demonstrate a particular concept. One teacher was looking for an easy way for her students to marry digital music and images, but did not want the students to create lengthy videos that ran on forever. In this case, the 30 second limitation was actually an advantage as her students would need to choose the most relevant images to get their point across. Another teacher was looking for a way for his students to assemble the best digital images they created in their computer applications class into a small web video file. The Animoto site once again worked well as the 30 second “limitation” forced his students to choose their best work to highlight. As teachers, what do YOU think of this site? Does it have the potential to be useful in the classroom? Comments on the blog are always appreciated!

Video Tutorial: For more information on how to create an Animoto account and create a simple video, please click the large play button below: