Mobile Monday: iPad apps organized by learning objective (not just a huge list of apps!)

25 Feb

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Quick overview: A list of iPad apps organized by learning objective, rather than by subject.

OK, so what’s different about this list? If you’ve ever tried searching for iPad apps to use in your classroom, you may have found websites with long lists of categorized “educational” apps. Upon closer inspection, these compilations often contain way too many apps to sift through and it can be difficult to find a meaningful link of how they can be used with YOUR students.

My advice: When I’m using technology in the classroom, I always like to start with the learning objective (start with the why) and then see which technology would fit best to help the students reach their goal. In regards to mobile devices, this means you may want to avoid finding an app first and then seeing where “it fits” afterwards.

How do you use this list? Using this resource, try starting off with the learning objective (click on the image below) and then see what apps are recommended for the task. Next, test the apps yourself before giving them to your students. If you find a good fit, then try it out with them! (Sources: “Learning Objective Apps” list shared by Paul Rombough, LEARN and “Technology Poster” shared by Paul Laplante, FGID/QLWG)