ICT Tip: AT&T voice synthesis provides help with French and English pronunciation

27 Jun

Quick overview: A website that will read back ANY written text in a variety of realistic sounding synthesized voices.

What does it do? The AT&T Text to Speech website (http://www.tinyurl.com/k49s9) allows you or your students to type in single words or full sentences and then hear it spoken back through the use of computer generated voice synthesis.

How can it be used in the classroom? This website can be a valuable tool for FSL or literacy students learning pronunciation. The AT&T website allows you to change “speaker” with a drop down menu (see image below) so that you can hear your phrases with different voices and accents. There’s even a French voice (named Arnaud) who is programmed with a French Canadian accent. I should note that unlike some other voice synthesis websites, certain AT&T synthesized voices can be quite realistic sounding. Best of all, the AT&T Text to Speech site is very easy and fun to use.. try it out!

Advanced ICT Tip: Additionally, you are given the option to download the spoken sound file (.WAV file) that can be inserted into other PC applications such as PowerPoint or Photostory 3.0.