ICT Tip: Dave’s ESL Cafe Idea Cookbook, activities for Literacy students

6 Aug

Quick overview: Dave’s ESL Cafe Cookbook (http://tinyurl.com/davescafe)features loads of simple activities to use in the classroom for Literacy students that include culture, food, games, music, writing, vocabulary, etc.

How can I use it in the classroom? For each section, there are small activities (or may I even say simple suggestions) to use in classroom. For example, in the section “ice breakers” there are numerous activities that you can use in your classroom on the first day of class and so on.. There’s WAY too many to list here on my Blog, but I highly suggest you check this site out!

P.S. – Dear Mystery teacher at the St-Pius April 7th, 2008 workshop. I did not take down your name for this amazing resource. Please contact me so that I can credit you for this site. Thanks!