ICT Tip: Francais Interactif – Ready to use FSL materials in your classroom

7 Oct

Quick overview: A must visit for FSL teachers! The Francais Interactif (http://laits.utexas.edu/fi)site contains 13 highly polished modules (the city, my studies, my health, my house, etc) that relate to using French in your students’ every day life. The site contains a variety of “ready to use” FSL materials for English speaking secondary level students…Think of this site as a course in a box!

How can it be used in the classroom: While Francais Interactif is a University of Texas project, this site offers lots of “new curriculum” minded materials that you can use in your Quebec FGA classroom. If you have access to a computer lab in your centre, your students can either work individually or you could cover a specific module with the entire class at once. Each module focuses on a different topic and contains spoken French examples of vocabulary, phonics, grammar, and videos. To guide your students (and help cut down your course prep!) each module contains a printable workbook that you can download, print, and use in conjunction with the site. (Source: Daniel Bonzil, FSL Teacher, WQSB)