ICT Tip: The Doodle website can help your students plan group projects

15 Sep

Quick overview: Doodle (www.doodle.com) can be used by a group of students (or a teacher) to create out a simple poll for classmates to vote on. Free, easy to use, and quick. No registration required.

How does it work: The way the Doodle website works is that one author (i.e – the group leader or teacher) creates a simple poll that others can vote on.  The author of the poll obtains a web link that he or she can paste into an e-mail to send to other students so that they can cast their vote.  For each e-mail recipient, it literally takes seconds to submit a vote. Doodle can be used by students to determine a majority vote for a project theme, most convenient time to work together, and so on.. The selection with the most votes wins. Votes are NOT anonymous. (Source: Claudine Turnbull, RECIT FGA)

Video Tutorial: To see a step-by-step video of how to create a poll in Doodle, please click the large play button below: