ICT Tip: A quick and easy way to convert YouTube videos into standalone MP3 audio files

20 May

Quick overview: A website that allows you or your students to effortlessly convert an on-line YouTube video clip into a standalone sound file in MP3 format. Fast and instant. No accounts, sign-ups, or waiting required.

How can this be used in the classroom: The video2mp3 site (www.video2mp3.net) is a fast and easy way to extract the audio from a YouTube video. Teachers may want to employ this technique if there is a piece of music or an interesting interview on YouTube they’d like to highlight in their class without showing a video file. Teachers often tell me that video can be distracting when students are focusing on developing a listening competency.

How can this be used with the SMARTBoard? Teachers may also wish to use this technique to extract the audio from a YouTube video and insert the audio into “clickable” objects in their SMART Notebook presentations. To see how to insert pre-recorded audio in the SMART Notebook software, please click on this link. (Thanks to Tina La Rosa, Galileo Adult Centre, EMSB for the tip on using this technique in conjunction with a SMART Notebook presentation)

Other details: An MP3 file does not require an active Internet connection to play. In addition, an MP3 file can be copied to a student’s portable digital music player, if desired. Last but not least, don’t forget to pay attention to copyrights in the classroom!

Video Tutorial: For more information on how to use the video2mp3 site, please click the large play button below: