ICT Tip: Have your students create multimedia posters with Glogster for Education

1 Feb

Quick overview: Glogster for Education allows your students to create on-line “posters” that can contain text, images, digital pictures, videos, and sound clips. Glogster be used for any subject that requires students to produce a presentation.

How does it work? Students sign up for a basic educational Glogster (edu.glogster.com) account before creating their own “glog” poster. Once the student’s Glogster poster is complete, the student can choose to publish it on-line or embed into a class Blog or Wiki.

How can it be used in the classroom? Students could use Glogster to create a mock advertisement or demonstrate their personal standpoint (i.e. – persuasive writing) on current issues. Students could also use Glogster to assemble a research project, as seen in this student created Glogster poster on Harriet Tubman. It’s a whole new twist on an old approach, have your students try it out! (Source: The Tech Chicks, ISTE 2010 Denver Conference)

Video Tutorial: For more information on how to use Glogster, please click the large play button below: