ICT Tip: Manythings.org for English Literacy (ESL) students

27 Mar

Link: http://www.manythings.org

Quick overview: A website that contains a variety of self guided learning activities for ESL students.

What does it do? Are you looking for short activities to help ESL students build listening and reading skills? If so, you may want to take a look at the American short stories in the Listen and Read Along section of the Manythings website. All the American short stories are read out loud by professional speakers. The students can play, pause, and rewind the short stories as many times as they need. In addition, some stories highlight the individual words as the author reads each passage. In regards to other content, the website contains activities that deal with reading, listening, biographies, videos with subtitles, and more.. (Source: Kim MacDonald, Place Cartier, Riverdale Campus, LBPSB)

Will this site work on all computers? Adobe Flash is required for a significant number of the activities on the Manythings website, but there is a large section of activities that will work on computers without flash or mobile devices such as the iPad or iPod.