Teacher Feature: Learning Links by Darlene Brown (TLE, SWLSB, CDC Vimont)

8 May

Link: www2.recitfga.qc.ca/learninglinks

Quick overview: Darlene Brown, Executive Director of  The Learning Exchange and English teacher at CDC Vimont (Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board) maintains a site full of useful web links for multiple subjects. Learning Links can be used as a professional resource for teachers or used directly with your students. As Darlene teaches in the FGA classroom herself, you can expect to find material which is relevant for your Quebec general adult education students.

What is it? Quickly and easily find interactive, printable activities on interesting topics without having to search through numerous sites: Multimedia resources, videos, puzzles, information, quizzes, interactive materials, references, lesson plans and games organized for easy use. Sections include enjoyment and entrainment, workplace skills, law, basic ICT usage, and so on. Thanks Darlene!