Teacher Feature: Ali Ghassemi’s Top 11 iPad Math Apps (NFSB, Nova)

5 Feb

Ali Ghassemi teaches Sec. 1-5 Math at Nova Career Education Centre, which is part of the New Frontiers School Board in Châteauguay, Quebec. This school year, Ali’s centre acquired a set iPads. As soon as Ali got his hands on an iPad, he began to pour over hundreds of different math apps in an attempt to find new approaches to help his students succeed in greater numbers.

Ali recently presented alongside Tracy Rosen (Resource Teacher at NFSB) at the QPAT 2012 teacher’s conference and demonstrated 11 of his favorite Math apps. If you’d like to learn more about their session about increasing student engagement with iPads, I’d highly encourage you take a look at Tracy’s detailed blog post from her education focused blog, Leading from the Heart. Without any further ado, here are Ali’s top 11 apps sorted by category:

Educreation: Record math lessons on screen. View hundreds of various lessons from other teachers.

Converter: Easily convert units from one to another.

Algebra Touch: Rearrange, slide, and tap variables to solve equations.
Tritutor: Shows how to solve quadratic equations, step-by-step.
Ace High School Math: Step-by-step math videos (needs internet connection)
Polynomials by HUP: Helps students work with polynomials through video.
Math Quadsolve: Solves quadratic equations.

Mathgraph: A graphing application for the iPad.
Winipossible Geometry Tutor: Videos to help students with geometry.
Unit Circle Helps students understand triangles and how they relate to trigonometry.

General Math:
Math Aptitude: 1500 Math questions with step-by-step solutions.

(Source: Tracy Rosen, resource teacher at Nova Career Centre. Be sure to check out Tracy’s blog at http://leadingfromtheheart.org. Also thanks to Ali Ghassemi, math teacher at Nova Career Centre.)