Coggle, the no-frills mind mapping tool

4 Feb

Link for Coggle:

Quick overview: Coggle is a basic, no-frills, minimalist, “mind mapping” web tool that allows students to explore and expand upon their ideas in a visual way.

What is a Mind Mapping tool? Mind mapping is a different way to organize your thoughts. A mind map is setup like a tree, whereas you begin with one main concept and then branch out to related topics. With Coggle, each concept in the mind map is represented by a single word or a short sentence. The lines drawn between the words indicate the link between the concepts.

How can Coggle be used in the classroom? Coggle can be used by students to brainstorm, consolidate information, plan tasks, or present a topic. As a teacher, you can use it to organize and present information on your interactive whiteboard during class. As I’ve mentioned before, I used to dislike mind maps but I now use them to collect everyone’s ideas when I’m leading a meeting on a digital projector.

Benefits and limitations: Coggle was designed to be as simple as possible so there are no bells and whistles.. and that’s OK! However, if you’d like the ability to insert images or want multiple students to edit a mind map at the same time, check out my previous blog post on Popplet. To create an account on Coggle, you’ll need to sign in with a Google Account, which is safe to do.

Want to know how to use Coggle? Please watch this short video tutorial:coggleict_25

Source: ISTE 2013, San Antonio, “Collaboration in the Cloud: Tools that Talk!” Jennifer Parker-Moore, Macomb Intermediate School District with Janice Harding, Carolyn McCarthy and Melissa White and Phillip Vinogradov: Technology Integration – 21st century classroom Prezi.