ICT Tip: VozMe – Text to sound converter website

19 Jun

Quick overview: Transforms written text into speech files that can be played on portable music players.

What does it do? In a nutshell, the VozMe (http://www.vozme.com) website is a “text-to-MP3” converter. The term “Text-to-MP3” means that one can copy and written text (i.e – Word files, content of web pages, etc..) and then paste it into this website. The result will be a spoken sound file, meaning it will be read aloud by a synthesized voice.

How can it be used in the classroom? Your students can take these spoken sound files (MP3s) and then listen to them on their iPod or digital music player at their convenience, similar to an audio book. This could be a great tool for students with learning difficulties who are better at listening to course materials instead of reading them! (Source: Vince Jansen (LEARN) Cool Tools Duel workshop)