ICT Tip: Wikimapia – Collaborative comment mapping

19 Jun

Quick overview: Allows your students to explore and make comments on satellite maps.

What does it do? Wikimapia (http://www.wikimapia.com) is a website that allows your students to explore maps in great detail (using Google Maps technology) but will also allow them to collaboratively create comments on the map.

How can it be used in the classroom? Your students may be interested in a class group activity about exploring places in their own community. First, they could research certain buildings or historical places in their community using resources such as Wikipedia. Second, using Wikimapia they could provide comments on the map that relate to these historic places or buildings in their neighborhood. At the end of the activity, the entire class could collaboratively look over the comments (perhaps on the teacher’s computer connected to a digital projector) that were made by the students and other Internet visitors on Wikimapia.  (Source: Sharon Peters (LEARN) Cool Tools Duel workshop.)