ICT Tip: A search engine that helps you find FSL activities to use in your classroom

11 Feb

Quick overview: An FSL “search engine” that is specifically designed to help you find on-line FSL activities to use in your classroom. A search engine is a website that maintains an index of many other websites, like Yahoo or Google.

How can it be used in the classroom? The FSL ALL! search engine (www.tinyurl.com/fslall) helps you search for various FSL websites and activities. FSL activities are sorted into different categories such as “prononciation, jeux, tests, parler francais, lecture, etc..”. You can also manually search by keywords (mot-clés) if you prefer.

Important note: If you planning to use this ICT resource to find and share FSL websites with your students, always test and familiarize yourself with each website BEFORE you give it to your students! On the surface, some websites may appear to be what you’re looking for but may not be what you expected when you actually try it out yourself!