ICT Tip: Public domain English short stories, novels, poetry, and historical texts.. read out loud with a REAL human voice!

5 Feb

Quick overview: The Loudlit.org site (http://www.loudlit.org) contains hundreds of easily accessible English short stories, novels, poetry, and historical texts .. read out loud with a real human voice!

What does it do? The LoudLit.org site is committed to delivering public domain literature paired with high quality audio performances. Putting the text and audio together, students can learn spelling, punctuation and paragraph structure by listening and reading masterpieces of the written word. Read and listen via your web browser or download onto your mp3 player. Regardless of how you enjoy the audiobooks, they are free!

How can it be used in the classroom: There are two ways of using the site. The first way your students can read along with the spoken text at the same time. In order to do this, you or your students would locate a short story and click on thebuttons found on the LoudLit site. It’s important to note that if used in a classroom or lab with many computers, each student should be given (or use their own) headphones! The other way for the students to use this site would be for them to click on thebuttons to download the audiobooks in chapters (audio only) to listen to on their iPods and MP3 players as a podcast. (Source: Lise Demers, Place Cartier Adult Education Centre, Lester B. Pearson School Board)

Note: Sections of the “What does it do” is parahphrased from the About section of the LoudLit site.