SMARTBoard: The SMART Exchange website allows you to search and download complete SMART Notebook lessons!

7 Apr

Quick overview: A great website that allows you to search or browse for free and “ready-to-use” SMART Notebook presentations created by other teachers. This site is maintained by SMART Technologies, the manufacturer of the SMART Board. Hundreds of lessons are available, including FSL and Canadian content. Easy to use.

How can I use it in the classroom? While I always think it’s best to create your own SMART Notebook lessons (i.e. tailored to your students) sometimes we simply don’t have enough time to do so. On other occasions, another teacher may have already done an excellent job creating lesson for a topic that you were planning to cover. If so, why re-invent the wheel? The best way to use this site is to download and look over these presentations in advance of your actual lesson – I can’t emphasize this enough! If you find a lesson that’s interesting, I highly recommend give it a dry run on your SMARTBoard without any of your students present. This way you’ll know where to click and which parts of the presentation are most relevant. Teachers can also give back to the SMART Exchange by uploading their own lessons to the site. In regards to specific questions about legalities, I suggest you consult the FAQ section or Terms of Use on the SMART Exchange site.

Video Tutorial: For more information on how to search, browse, and download lessons from the SMART Exchange, please click the large play button below: