Teacher Feature: Ann Fairhurst-Lozyk (EMSB, James Lyng)

26 May

Teacher: Ann Fairhurst-Lozyk (Basic Education)

School Board and Centre: English Montreal School Board, James Lyng Adult Education Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

What is the material? Ann’s project instructs teachers how to illustrate a dialogue between two students using a variety of readily available ICT tools. The project prepares the students for a visit to the doctor’s office by using the Internet to help them learn how to research the necessary medical vocabulary, how to clearly describe symptoms, and how to construct appropriate questions to ask the doctor.

How will it help students? The final product of the project is a doctor/patient PowerPoint role play. The use of ICT is a great motivator (while helping students develop speaking competencies) and makes a star out of even the most reluctant students.

Download: Please click this link (27MB) if you’d like to download a copy of Ann’s PowerPoint project. If you’d like to contact Ann for more information, please let me know and we’ll put you in touch.

Video Tutorial: For a how-to video on how to setup an activity seen in Ann’s project, please click the play button below: