ICT Tip: A surprisingly accurate Google Chrome “voice-to-text” extension for the Mac or PC

12 Mar

Link: Voicenote Extension for Google Chrome

Quick overview: Voicenote is an English voice-to-text software that works in your computer’s web browser that works WELL and is free!

What is it? In a nutshell, using any microphone equipped Mac or PC you can install a Google Chrome extension called “Voicenote” to transcribe anything you say into written text. You would then copy and paste the resulting text into an e-mail, Word, or wherever you want!

How can this be used in the classroom? First as foremost, I think this tool has the potential to be a great fit for any students who are able to verbalize well but have trouble with spelling, handwriting, or writing down their thoughts (i.e. – Dysgraphia). Even without a learning disability, I think the “voice-to-text” approach is a great time saver. For example, students could use this tool to “write” a 1st draft of an essay or get their initial thoughts down on paper. Personally, I use voice-to-text to help me get MY thoughts out whenever I’m writing professional correspondence. I find my words flow much easier when I speak them aloud first. I then do a second pass (using my keyboard) to touch things up.

Technical stuff: This is a Google Chrome extension for the PC or Mac. Requires Google Chrome and a microphone. If you’d like to know more about Chrome Extensions before installing them in your web browser, please follow this link. As with all voice-to-text software (at the moment) it works best with native English speakers that don’t have an accent. It also doesn’t work in French, sorry! Watch the video below and don’t forget to make it full screen… (Special thanks to Sonia Pietravalle, EMSB for helping me locate and explore this Google Chrome extension.)

Note: To see how to install the Voicenote extension and get a quick demo of how it works, please watch my video (1m38s) at this link.